DEAD CULT Cyber Dome

Dead Cult is the World's first Autonomous Cyber Dome

    Dead Cult Coverage & Flavors:
  • Powered by AI & Machine Learning
  • Reporting, Analytics and Visualization capabilities
  • Most of Security Capabilities integrated together
  • Anomalies, Prediction and Full Regression Algorithms
  • Ready with Sensors, WAF, VA tools and more to come
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Cloud Model

  • Multiple Threat Intelligence (Commercial 3rd Party)
  • Threat Assessment ( VA/PT )
  • Threat Scape
  • Threat Monitor (Vulnerabilities & Exploits)
  • Threat Detect, Defend, Alert ( WAF )
  • Threat Hunt & Prevention
    Risk & Security Management
  • Quantified Risk Index
  • Security Hardening Check-lists
  • Other Compliance can be Integrated upon request
    Full Visualization Platform with
    SOC Screen Support
  • Entity Relation Mapping
  • Customizable World Maps (2D/3D/Dynamic)
  • Analytics with Charting & Real Time Reflection
    Full Machine Learning Libraries to
    develop your own Algorithm
  • Built in Anomaly Algorithm
  • Built in Predictive Analysis Algorithm
  • Built in Network to Risk Mapping Diagram

On-Premises Model

  • Suitable for Large Enterprise with own Data Center
  • SOC Integration
  • Can act as a Light SOC if there is no SOC in place
  • Can act as a SOAR upon request
    (SOC Orchestration & Automated Response)
  • Provides Analyst view (ML Libraries)
  • Provides Visualization for other Security Devices
  • Detecting Anomalies within ignored Logs
  • Incident Management coming soon...

MSSP Model

  • Offer a complete Cyber Security System to your Clients
  • Full Features of the Cloud Model including the Dome Edition
  • Full Account Management and Control
  • Discounted Rates for MSSP
  • Provides Analyst view (ML Libraries)
  • Seamless Upgrades and Updates
  • White Labeling & OEM