Trust Waytm

Trust Way™ an Authentication, Ecnryption & Digital Signature Gateway

    BENEFITS OF Trust Way™ :
  • Authentication Gateway & Federation Multi Factor Authentication Gateway & Federation
  • Digital Signature Gateway & Federation
  • Single integration interface with ANY 2 Factor authentication method besides a list of pre-installed methods already shipped with the Gateway.
  • Federated authentication interface t
  • Federated digital signature
  • Federated Interface that can be integrated with any National ID card
  • Supports Multiple layer architecture
  • Supports Web/Mobile/Tablets.
  • Smooth and easy implementation.
  • Download Datasheet
    Trust Way™ BENEFITS
  • Legal : No court admissible or signed documents evidence in case of legal dispute
  • Forging : No digital assurance enforced during the application or issuance process
  • Technical : Cyber-attacks on eGovernment & Phishing
  • Internal : Fraud cases by Citizens and/or Officials